Soy, the killer

Soy milk contains 100 times more Aluminium than untreated cow’s milk. The American Academy of Paediatrics reports in 1997: “Aluminium in breast milk is 4 to 65 ng/ml. Soy formulas contain 600 to 1300 ng/ml”.
Aluminium is the most prevalent mineral in soil, but only the soy bean has an affinity to aluminium, which it extracts from the soil and concentrates in the beans. Eating three raw or roasted soy beans is a highly dangerous undertaking and may lead to serious health problems.

Soy formula contains high levels of Manganese, the University of California-Irvine, Prof. of Paediatrics Francis Crinella, points out that increased manganese levels lead to significant behavioural problems such as ADHD.

The Swiss Health Service states:”100gr of soy protein has the estrogenic equivalent of one contraceptive pill.” One litre of soy milk contains the oestrogen equivalent of five contraceptive pills, many researchers have confirmed this since the 1960s. Feeding an infant on soy milk is the equivalent of giving it five birth control pills a day. The finely tuned endocrine system depends on hormones in concentrations as tiny as one trillionths of a gram to influence the reproductive organs.
Oestrogen is a growth hormone, that’s why they feed chicken soy pellets to make them grow fast. It also may proliferate and multiply cancer cells in the body. If we wouldn’t kill the chicken and eat them, they all would develop cancer.

The Gerson Cancer Clinic in the US states: “Soy beans contain Hemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together”, – heard of thrombosis?
The always praised Isoflavones in soy products are mentioned in a report by the US Department of Energy Health Risk Laboratory, which confirms that these Isoflavones act in the same way as the outlawed DDT. Isoflavones cause breast cancer cells to multiply.

The UK Government has issued serious warnings and is considering a total ban on all soy-based infant formulas.

The ‘Asian Myth’: Firstly, soy does not comprise a major part of the Japanese diet nor any other Asian people. Nobody in Asia eats soy beans or drinks soy milk. The tiny portion of the Asian diet which contains soy comprises of well fermented soy only (Tofu/Miso), where the fermentation process has removed some of the toxicity, but not completely. But, as mentioned, soy is not a major part of the Asian diet.
The Australia-New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) prepared a document, titled ‘An Assessment of the Potential Risks to Infants with Exposure to Soy-Based Infant Formulas’ (March 1999). In section 3.1 Hazard Identification, it mentions as potential risks and interference with:

3.1.2 Stimulation of oestrogen-sensitive tissue; Infertility; Sexual differentiation; sexual maturation

3.1.3 Neonatal brain development

3.1.4 Thyroid alterations: Immune response

5.1.1 Dietary exposures: An exposure to hormone levels 240 times higher than breast milk

6.0 Risk assessment: “It is clear that phytoestrogens pose a potential hazard to the consumer of soy foods”.

In S.A. I have come across Bread/Toast which contains soy flour. Even in ‘Health’ Shops I have found stacks of soy milk. Any shop selling soy milk should not call itself ‘Health’ shop. It has been well researched and studies are available confirming that soy milk is a health hazard. Are they ignorant? Or is it only profit that counts, no matter what?

I recently heard of a ‘Nutritionist’ recommending Soy Shakes. How is it possible that a ‘Nutritionist’ in South Africa recommends shakes containing soy, when it has been well researched and established that soy is a highly noxious substance?

Who is trying to poison the population?

Dr. Heiner Lotze