Yahoo Support Groups


For many years, members of the Andy Cutler community, have made use of Yahoo Groups, as a means of support to all of those wishing to use this protocol, in order to safely chelate.

As of Monday October 28th 2019 you will no longer be able to post messages or upload content to yahoo groups. You will still be able to see messages, files and links, until December 14, 2019 when yahoo will delete all. After that this site will be email only. Details in the following link:

Future support can be accessed, by joining the groups below… 


Before beginning the oral chelation protocol for mercury,  as described by Dr Andrew Hall Cutler Ph.D., P.E,  it is strongly advised that you follow these guidelines:

1) Join the: 

The value of such support groups cannot be underestimated and participation is free.

2) Order Dr Andy Cutler’s book Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment

You will need to make use of Dr Cutler’s book to ensure that you are a fully informed participant of your treatment process, and can effectively partake in all treatment options on offer. It is of vital importance to have this book available to refer to while you are chelating.

3) MOST IMPORTANT! Ensure your mercury amalgams have been safely removed.

You cannot take any chelating substance while you still have mercury amalgams in your mouth, or have exposure to any other source of mercury.