The 5 immunity destroyers

Getting back immunity
poacSetting free our white blood cells first, before anything else, will reward us with earlier success and less detox-illness. They can then join us in clearing away the accumulations in our tumors. Otherwise, we would have to take “mountains” of supplements to remove the flotsam and jetsam, like nail polish, shampoo, toothpaste, Freon, felt marker ink, soap, car wax, motor oil, ice cream flavoring, rust remover and wheel bearing grease from our tumors and it would take much too long. After the white blood cells have eaten and removed all this “trash” we want them to start eating the tumor cells themselves, together with their bacteria, viruses, and oncoviruses.
To free our white blood cells from their 5 destroyers we must first stop eating and drinking them. We must think of each white blood cell as a tiny miracle and not burden it with indigestible food or food antigens or frivolous things like cosmetics, toothpaste, or metal jewelry. You came into the world without a single one of these and now your immune system needs its vacation.
In earlier books many recipes were given to replace your cosmetics, dyes, and jewelry if you have a very demanding job. Otherwise, use NOTHING.
Our white blood cells are our immune system.
The immune system in each organ takes care of its own organ. It is made of special “soldier” cells that guard this organ. These white blood cells call this organ their home. They may, though, leave this organ to visit (“communicate”) with others in other organs. Most of this is done in your lymph nodes, their communication centers. It reminds us of beehives with their elaborate communication systems, all meant to keep the hive unified and thriving. Our white blood cells have the same purpose and for this reason they have special powers. They can “sense” an enemy of ours from far away, for example, lead molecules or SV 40 viruses. For this they need their “skins”. Their outer membranes are their skins. Special sensors are imbedded in them. The rest of the membrane is made of a double-layered “fence” of fat molecules that keep out intruders and toxic molecules.
The white blood cells can tell the difference between friends and enemies from a long way off. When a macrophage senses an enemy it moves toward it. Its big clumsy feet are called pseudopods but they can make long thin pseudopods, too. It reminds us of an armored tank when we watch it move in a live blood sample. White blood cells have a number of ways they can attack our enemies. Large enemies must be attacked and killed before they can be nibbled away. Smaller enemies like bacteria and viruses can be eaten whole just by engulfing them and then killed after they are inside. They are easily picked up with long thin pseudopods sent after them. Even prions are eaten.
White blood cells can make powerful chemicals called cytokines and leukokines. They include interleukins and interferons.
Fig. 70 Macrophage eating salmonellas (POAC pg.200)
Fig. 71 Live blood analysis (POAC pg.200)

A macrophage, CD14, is at the center. The rest are RBCs.
The Syncrometer has detected many more such chemicals, also in very minute amounts. I have called them weapons (see page 109). Weapons are used to destroy the larger parasites so our digestive enzymes can digest them and our white blood cells can eat them. All available weapons are used in times of heavy parasitism.
DMSO is one such weapon. It destroys allyl sulfide, an onion-chemical needed by Fasciolopsis buski cercaria. MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), another weapon we make, destroys diallyl sulfide and allyl methyl sulfide, more onion-chemicals. Benzoquinone, in very minute amounts, destroys dozens of toxins as well as one of the Ascaris varieties (lumbricoides). Rhodizonic acid destroys Ascaris megalocephala.
Complement is another very important part of the immune system. It is a family of molecules used as spears! It is a way of spearing our tiny enemies so the white blood cells can eat them.
Different white blood cells are given different jobs to do. They are very organized in their one real task-to protect you. Using the Syncrometer , I have distinguished ten kinds of white blood cells. They are CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes, CD37 B cells, CD 14 macrophages, and six more varieties that eat dyes and motor oil. The CD4s eat and kill viruses. The CD8s include our natural killers.They are even seen killing CD4s when these are not able to kill the viruses they have eaten. The CD14s eat everything, except you. Both CD8s and CD14s are flesh eaters; only t~ can eat tumor cells and large parasite pieces. We can also distinguish, electronically, the red blood cells (RBCs), platelets, eosinophils and megakaryocytes, all of them floating in the blood. Platelets are just tiny chips, not even cells, too small to hold a nucleus. Their job is to fill in the tiny tears and holes that are always developing in the long “pipelines” we call arteries and veins. This job is called blood clotting. Eosinophils are white blood cells that can spit histamine at enemies; they increase as Ascaris increases. During the accumulating period of a tumor, which I call the middle phase, thousands of things are brought into the organ that has the tumor. They should have been brought to the liver or kidneys but, instead, they were deposited at the tumor site. Why didn’t the white blood cells kill or remove all of these undesirables and bits of trash? That was their job. Why couldn’t they keep up? They, too, along with the tumor cells and kidneys, became south polarized by the cargo they had to carry. Several kinds of PCBs, benzene, asbestos, dozens of heavy metals, malonic acid, motor oil, and hundreds of dyes as well as wheel bearing grease that had many of these imbedded in it, all arrived together from the drinking water to keep them south polarized constantly. They could not cycle from north to south and back again to do their work. They were meant to pick up a southerly cargo, which temporarily turns them south, process it, expel it, and turn themselves back to north again for the next cargo. Northerly is their normal state for making a pick-up. But it takes work and vital energy to process the cargo and turn itself back to northerly. This system of cycling can fail when the white blood cells are overwhelmed with too much ferrite iron or nickel and other heavy metals that are south. (A small magnet can be overwhelmed by a large magnet to change its polarity.) We will help them catch up with this task first, and then get them into action for us.
First of all, stop all sources of immunity destroyers.
the 5 immunity destroyers
and benzene are toxins that get trapped in your white blood cells’ membranes. Since the membranes are made of fat, and these solvents dissolve in fat, it is understandable why PCBs and benzene accumulate there and why the white cells then lose their special powers. That is where their sensors are located.
The main source of PCBs is the laundry bleach added to about half the population’s drinking water. Since food manufacturers use this water and bleach, the second biggest source for USA citizens is processed food. Since all the produce in the market has been washed several times, and moved from different water zones, over half of it brings us PCBs, again.
Recalling the statistic that all cancer patients who passed through our clinic halls in the last 5 years had been receiving laundry bleach disinfected water; you can assume that your water contains it too.
Recall the second statistic-that all patients who went to a residence with clean water after leaving the clinic succeeded in getting well.
The third statistic was that all patients who deteriorated after leaving the clinic had gone to a residence with laundry bleached drinking water again.
This means that if you got significant alternative treatment, to the point where you were considered well enough to go home, you would have stayed well if you had recuperated in clean water. If you did not stay well you were again using laundry bleached water.
It probably means that the usual clinical treatment would work well, too, if you returned to a home with clean water. Of course, over-radiation, too much chemotherapy, or removing part of the face would still be a handicap. But the usual 5-year “life-allowance” given clinically might now be stretchable to 10 or 15 years, a significant improvement.
Saying that a cancer patient cannot be cured if they return to laundry bleached water is like saying you cannot stay dry by walking back into the rain. Since cancer is an immunodepression disease, you must avoid future immunodepression to stay well. This should apply to clinically treated patients as well as others.
The statistics might also mean that how you were treated for cancer is less significant than where you lived afterwards. If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, your first question should be, “Am I getting PCBs and the other immunity destroyers from my municipal water? And did I inadvertently and mindlessly put them in my water myself?”
Details on finding the answers are given in the Help section of the 3-Week Program. If you are only preventing cancer for your family, this should be the first question asked when buying a home. And if anyone in your family develops a serious illness, how your water is disinfected should be the first question asked.
Although PCBs are on your food, from spraying and washing in PCB-water, the 2 hot water soaks described in the Recipe section can remove it.
After getting away from your PCB source, you can begin to remove it from inside your body with the 3-Week Program. Many more facts about PCBs can be found in earlier books and on the Internet. Learn all you can.

Benzene Everywhere
Benzene is another immune system destroyer.
Our agencies, FDA and EPA, have been vigilant over benzene in air, household chemicals and even gasoline but were never in a position to test food or water correctly. Using antiquated tests that can only find benzene in parts per billion (ppb) would never protect American citizens. Although the legal limit set by our agencies was 5 ppb, I never detected such huge amounts. Our immunodepression comes from much smaller amounts. We must be protected from parts per trillion (ppt) amounts, a thousand-fold smaller. The entry of benzene into the food chain was not noticed because of this technical problem. Now it is in and on our food in such large amounts, most private testing labs can detect it.
Benzene has become a huge food problem, due to pollution of food with food spray and laundry bleach water. It comes right from your favorite supermarket and organic food store. You must stop using or eating everything that has benzene.
The body does not have a “safe amount” of benzene. But, as more and more benzene gets discovered in food, the public agencies will shift their focus to higher “safe” amounts. Beware of such a shift and a shift in wording, such as “no significant risk level”. This is a deception. It leads to complacency over a very important problem. It will raise our cancer and AIDS incidence still higher. The focus should stay on zero amounts as it presently is.
You must clean all your fruits and vegetables a special way to remove the food spray and bleach-water residues that bring benzene. It is described in the Recipes chapter. It does not all come this way, though.
Benzene also enters our food with flavors, colors and fragrance. It enters with pills, whether they are over the counter drugs, food supplements, or prescriptions. Flavors and colors were extracted and manufactured with solvents that came from the petroleum industry, including benzene. It was falsely believed that you could easily evaporate it off. And certainly, enough came off to come under the “limit” of detection for the measuring device. But it only gave us false security.
There are more ways that petroleum products come in contact with food. For example, the grain* stored in elevators that will make your bread is doused with “mineral oil” to keep the dust down. It all has traces of benzene. And wherever petroleum grease is used – like in baking pans under cookies and breads – benzene rides along. It may be surprising to find benzene in so many places where the temperature was raised above its boiling point; that is no safeguard. It was evidently trapped or it recondensed.
The attitude of manufacturers and producers is: “You can expect benzene to be everywhere. It’s even in the air and the blacktop in your driveway. It’s negligible. As long as we meet FDA & EPA requirements, where’s the problem?” This reminds me of an event in history, about 350 years ago.
In 1665, the worst year of the bubonic plague in England, the grain that made peoples’ bread was contaminated with rat feces and rat urine. It was everywhere in small amounts. You could not smell it or see it because the grain was ground finely into flour. It was not suspected to bring the bubonic disease since the sick and the healthy people all ate it. From this terrible tragedy we should have learned one lesson: When widespread illness comes to people we should examine our staple foods first, our bread and water, milk and meat. Bacteria and viruses certainly play their roles, but the vermin bringing them and toxins supporting them should be searched for in food before air and driveways.
Benzene has been known to cause cancer for decades, especially the leukemias. That is why our agencies were given the important task of monitoring it. Yet they have failed to protect us, setting and raising legal levels instead. We have more leukemia than ever before. Why should benzene be legally permitted in beer when half the men are getting cancer? Regulations should not be based on tests done solely on the food later on, when the concentration will, of course, be less, making it all the more difficult to detect, but rather on knowledge of “what goes in”.
In a desperate England in 1665, rats were so numerous they crawled the streets openly. How could tiny bits of rat filth in the bread matter? It was everywhere. Besides, bread was baked, that should make it safe. The same “logic” was used then as now. We see people with and without cancer all around us drinking the same water. And it is all chlorinated, that should make it safe. The concepts are flawed. Eventually, instead of killing rats, dogs and cats were removed in England, precisely those animals that could reduce disease, an easy mistake to make when you’re just guessing. We should not be guessing. We have scientists. We should be using them. We are only using medical professionals now. We need physiologists, biologists, parasitologists, cytologists, ecologists, when studying a difficult problem. Instead, physiology departments at universities were closed in the 1960’s. In the present day USA we are increasing and emphasizing the chlorination of water …the very treatment that is inadvertently doing the most harm.
We should be testing our food and water with the best equipment, of research quality. But we can’t expect industry to create high standards for itself. Society must create them independently. Besides, we should not trust corporate testing nor agency testing when their personnel frequently “trade jobs”. We must solve the problem of conflicts of interest. We must put renewed energy into parents’ and society’s responsibility to provide safe food and water for our children safe from benzene and PCBs at least. Children are most affected by leukemia.
Our white blood cells stop eating anything after they get benzene onto their membranes. The membranes are made of fat, a double layer of it. One of benzene’s actions is to let viruses into our genome. A special enzyme called viral integrase allows this whenever benzene is present. Oncoviruses lurk everywhere, even in our daily bread (RAS), but would not be allowed in if this integrase were not made for them with the permission of benzene.
Fig. 72 Diagram of cell membrane structure (see pg.207 POAC’s)
Your body has a moderate ability to get rid of benzene without help. Benzene leads to pain and bleeding. Learn how to prevent this in Chapter 15, on page 351.(POAC)

Asbestos in our Food and Water
We have been so focused on asbestos in walls and ceilings that we missed the most obvious places, food and water. Not being able to detect the smaller fibers (under 10 um), while these are actually the most harmful and numerous, made the agencies’ regulations almost useless. A microscope should have been used and developed into an automated technique.
When the tiniest bit of asbestos is put in water, all the water around it becomes southerly-polarized. When a tiny bit gets stuck in your tissue, the surrounding fluid, blood, and tissue become southerly. This is the trigger felt by the hypothalamus in the brain, telling it to release its stem cell factor. The message received could be imagined as “Iron has been oxidized to south pole; this organ is surely traumatized and open to air, it will be in need of growth to repair the trauma”. Your body cannot be expected to know this is a false alarm. We did not evolve with asbestos in our food or water to make it wary.
But at the same time, your white blood cells sense the truth: “there is a strange intruder; something needs to be eaten; it is not a mere trauma”, and begin to eat the flood of asbestos that is arriving. It is followed by drastically unhappy results! Asbestos is made of tiny spears, each with built-in iron! When these tiny spears are eaten by a white blood cell, a lot of iron, of the south pole kind, has entered the white cells. A gene is now triggered to produce ferritin because ferritin is the storage molecule for iron. It is the body’s way to safely store such iron. Soon an excessive amount of ferritin is produced; so much, it oozes out of the white blood cells and coats their outside membrane. This ferritin coating acts like an oil slick over the immune cells and stops them immediately from eating more asbestos or anything else. They can’t see. They can’t sense.
Fortunately, we can wash the asbestos off our food if we use the same special hot washes described for PCBs and benzene in the Recipes chapter. After this we can use a special chemical, levamisole, to remove the ferritin coating from the white blood cells. But cleaning our drinking water would require filtering.
The asbestos in water has not gone undetected. Water is said to have asbestos in it from old clay pipes used to bring it from the water reservoir. Read the pamphlet you get from your water department about asbestos. This could make anyone despair. But the Syncrometer shows it never comes from the reservoir, even with these old clay pipes. It comes from the same pumping station where the wrongful bleach is added! The bleach itself had it. Perhaps gaskets from the pumps there had it, too. However, bleach of the correct kind (NSF-stamped) does not have asbestos. Nor does water that is treated with NSF-bleach.
There are huge amounts of asbestos on our food, both fruits and vegetables. Being sprayed with bleach-water (laundry bleach) is a common practice to guarantee safety from bacteria. This brings asbestos with it and also wets the food as it rolls along conveyor belts. Conveyor belts are made with asbestos. Old frayed belts add huge amounts to the food, all to be tightly stuck as the produce dries under hot-air blowers. That is why 2 hot washes are needed to remove it.
When asbestos has left your organs, along with nickel and wheel bearing grease, they become north polarized again.
Remember that south polarization is not to be demonized. It is reserved for the nervous system by day and the body’s growing and healing points at all times. The blood, though, swings from northerly to southerly and back again, minute by minute.
Work is being done here that is still quite mysterious. It is an exchange of iron status, using iridium. And the white blood cells cycle from northerly to southerly and back again, too, with every toxic load they process and shed. You will get back these normal rhythms, and get back to a normal life when the polarizations are correct.
Fig. 73 Asbestos spears magnified (see POAC pg. 209)

Dyes Stick Fast
Why are young children eating colored candy, colored drinks, colored cakes, and colored pieces of ornamental sugar on their food?
Even the most primitive cook knows, and has always known, that food is off limits to tampering. Food is not a frivolous part of life. And paint may go on the body, temporarily, for dances, but not in the body. Such instincts are especially applied to children. Parents, throughout the ages, have seen to it that young children got no tampering.
Why have our instincts gone astray? Did we all feel safe in the care of our government agencies the way children feel safe with their parents while they take risks? Did we believe that enough scientific experiments would have been done and long term tests required, preventing any catastrophe from ever happening? As food dyes, one by one, were removed from the food market in the 1960s, after a big increase in the cancer rate, we should have become suspicious of other dyes taking their place and of agencies in general. But as a nation of eager consumers, we did not.
Agencies are not all the same. Cautious agents who put the people’s health first can be followed by agents who put other motives first. It will take people’s groups, who are made up of real parents, not government agencies, to take back control over food and water safety. Agencies have too many conflicting interests. When any piece of meat, chicken or fish has azo dyes, and even the colored produce is dyed, food tampering is at an extreme. It is no wonder that every tumor tested showed the presence of a multitude of dyes. The implication is quite grim …that we have hundreds and more dyes accumulated in all of us. One dye is always present in cancer patients – Fast Green #3 (also called Food Green)*. The Syncrometer detects that it lengthens the life of cells that absorb it, although they become nonfunctional. Life is extended up to 15 times! It is acting just like the gang of oncoviruses! Cancer cells that would have, at least, died at their usual time, are now not able to turn on their own apoptosis. We have already seen oncoviruses doing exactly that. The longevity gene, bcl-2, is much too active. This gene is a major controller of apoptosis.
* This is Fast Green FCF with color index (CI)-42053. Search Fast Green, FCF on Internet.

Normal Longevity
Two genes, bcl-2 and bax, have a big role in deciding how long each one of our cells may live. They keep a balance between living too long or too short. The longevity gene is bcl-2, while bax shortens life by triggering apoptosis. A mutation could easily affect these genes, to tip the results in favor of one or the other. We could have suspected dyes since they were found to cause mutations in the past and cancer is always associated with mutations. Why haven’t these dye-caused mutations been found in regular research? Research choices are partly economically and partly politically made. Parents would make different choices. The Syncrometer sees Fast Green dye concentrated in our CD8 natural killer cells. The cells remain quite alive after this, in increased numbers, but not able to kill anything. Food Green is another name for Fast Green #3. It has accumulated in every USA cancer patient I tested. In the 3-Week Program we will get the dye out with homeography after the dye sources have been removed.
Laundry bleach water contains large amounts of many dyes, although they are invisible. Hundreds of dyes are contained in sprays and essentially all food is sprayed. It is even on our undyed food because laundry bleach disinfectant is used in washing it. It is even on freshly caught fish if the knives and cutting boards are disinfected with laundry bleach. I recently visited a fisherman’s booth near a beach in Mexico. The freshly caught fish were whole and laid on ice. We saw the fisherman take his knife from a bucket of “water” and swish his table with a jug of “water”. In a corner, on the floor, was a gallon of laundry bleach. I bought a filleted fish and an unrinsed whole fish off the ice. I tested each. The fillets were full of dyes and hypochlorite (the telltale sign of chlorination). A piece of washed fish, not filleted, was full of dyes, too. Only the unwashed whole fish was safe to eat. There is evidently no safe fish in the market place. The Syncrometer showed that canned fish, frozen fish and fresh fish were all processed with laundry bleach. This food cannot be cleaned up.
Wherever there is organic matter, dyes are absorbed deeply, the same way as in your tumor cells. They were invented to do exactly that-to persist (not fade).
Dyes do very damaging things. DAB is 4-dimethylaminoazobenzene. This dye raises the alkaline phosphatase level. Check yours on your blood test results. DAB has filled the white blood cells. When it is too low, threatening organ failure, it is due to Fast Garnet and Sudan Black, together with cobalt. When dyes are in your B-lymphocytes the globulin level is disturbed. Sudan Black B and Fast green can raise your LDH. Check yours. It will be in the red blood cells, stuck there sometimes with vanadium. High LDH and alk phos are drastic events in terminal cancer patients. When LDH and alkaline phosphatase levels have gone over 500 or even 1000 it has been speculated about in clinical science but no true cause found or pursued. The Syncrometer shows only these dyes and heavy metals are responsible for these high numbers. When they are removed by homeography, both blood tests come down to normal in days. There is a lot of dye stowed away in these cells. Fast Red and Fast Red Violet cause edema and effusates to develop in the lungs or brain or abdomen. This is a common cause of death for these cancers! Fast Red Violet blocks the body’s ability to detoxify maleic anhydride. It has been known for decades that this substance causes “leakage and effusions” (see The Merck Index, 10 edition). The maleic anhydride comes from the malonic acid in food sprays, in cooking oils, and tooth fillings, and from plastic seepage from your dishes, but mostly from your laundry bleached water. The body has a route for detoxifying it, but not if a dye blocks this (see page 367).
I have studied only seven of many dyes in our food. They need to be studied in all our diseases. The cancer patient must carefully remove all dyes from fruits and vegetables although they are invisible. It is done the same way as removing PCBs, benzene and asbestos-with hot washes. It will be described in Recipes. Every molecule of dye matters because it prevents recovery of the immune system!
The extent of pollution with dyes is almost unimaginable. Here is a real example. Recently a one-mile stretch of ocean beach was being prepared for a beach festival in California. Regular ocean water samples were taken and found to have some E. coli bacteria, not uncommon in these waters. The Navy forces were called in to make the beach safe. Soon the ocean was pink! The Syncrometer detected common laundry bleach and many dyes in it. Apparently the Navy poured in bleach, but also added red dye to mark the area that was treated – we tested the pink water. It looked intensely pink for about 1/2 mile offshore, and lasted for about one week. The public was informed that it was due to “red tide”, certain algae! All the azo dyes in my test kit (18) were in the water, including Fast Green, no doubt a pollutant of the red dye and in the laundry bleach. The dye did not go away; it sank to the bottom of the ocean and could be seen for 2 years afterwards in shallow areas. It will bring immunodepression and growth of tumors to fish, sea mammals and shore birds (see page 369 for the eventual outcome).
Modern enamel cookware seeps huge amounts of dyes. Your toothbrush seeps copious dyes. Your plastic glasses and wristwatch seep. Your plastic teeth seep dyes. That is why the extremely advanced cancer patient is told to use NOTHING, wear NOTHING, apply NOTHING, unless tested by Syncrometer . The plastic teeth will be hardened.
After stopping eating them and absorbing them we can begin to pull the dyes out of your tumors. We will use 2 supplements (vitamin B2 and coenzyme Q10), round after round of zapping, and finally homeography. But the fear is that the dyes will get stuck again in your kidneys or liver along the exit path. Be sure to keep the bowels moving and the bladder emptying. Be sure to keep taking homeographic drops that protect the kidneys. We must find the dyes in the urine before we know we are succeeding.

Heavy metals in water and food
Metals are the fifth and last category of toxins that disable your immune system. This means destroying the ability of your white blood cells to find, pursue, eat and kill your oncoviruses, bacteria, yeasts and even tumor cells. They have a huge task.
Nowhere in animal bodies do we see shiny metals taking part in the growth of an organ or even just being present. Nowhere in the vegetable world, either, do we see bare metal becoming part of a plant. Yet these same shiny metals can be changed by chemistry to another form, called organic. Atoms of the metal can be tightly held by special proteins to make enzymes. Now they are called minerals, not metals, although the elements are the same. Some metals are never changed into minerals: uranium, palladium, and the lanthanides, for example. Find these in the Periodic Table. Lead, antimony, cadmium, aluminum are further examples. The lanthanides were called “rare earths” until recently. There are 15 of them in a group specially marked on the chemical table. They are more magnetic than other metals, though not as strong as iron. They always occur together and can hardly be separated, even with strong chemistry.
Fig. 74 Periodic table of elements (pg 214 POAC)
. Thulium, gadolinium and lanthanum are all lanthanides. There must be some very important reason for Mother Nature to keep certain metals and the lanthanides out of our bodies. Are they too oxidizing? Would they compete with other minerals? Would they disturb our magnetic polarization? The real reasons will not be known till biologists have uncovered many more secrets of life, including electronic and magnetic phenomena. Till then, Mother Nature gave us instinct. Metal does not taste good or feel good; the implication is that we should not eat it or wear it on our skin even though we don’t drop dead when we do. Nature’s rules have millions of years of wisdom behind them. But she could not anticipate “civilization”, which should perhaps be labeled “regression”, quite often. Metal did look good, with its sparkle and its shine. We fell in love with them, too.Although metals are safe deep in the earth, far away from us, we have dug them up, thrown them in the air just for thrills (firecrackers on the 4th of July in the USA fill the air with strontium). We have puffed them into the air as car exhaust, wrapped them around ourselves to wear, stuck them inside ourselves as rings, cooked in them and, finally, put them right in our food. We wallow in metal. Aluminum, an unthinkable metal, found nowhere in living things, was actually dumped into our food in the 1880s and has been there ever since. The “invention”, called baking powder, was none other than adding powder aluminum to a liquid; it bubbled! That is how non-yeast-rising breads were born. Now that Alzheimer’s disease is rampant with its accumulation of aluminum in the brain, and Herpes and EBV (chronic fatigue) very common, this practice should be re-examined as well as the practice of adding aluminum to all drinking water before it is disinfected. Fortunately, it filters out with a homemade charcoal filter or charcoal pitcher filter.
We wallow in chromium and nickel in our food. Anything finely ground or blended with steel blades that get hot (powdered supplements, smooth peanut butter) brings them.
Choosing plastic, ceramic or glass cookware and food containers gives us even more! They seep mercury, nickel, thallium(!), and malonic acid, besides.
Teflon and glass seep copious amounts of thallium.
Yet, what could be worse than eating metals from our plastic dishes, and – copper water pipes? One thing! Sucking metals straight, like lollipops, in your mouth day and night in the form of tooth fillings. The dissolved metal sweeps into your tonsils, your thyroid gland, parathyroids, thymus, and directly into your tumors. If we see a child sucking on pennies or other change we quickly snatch it away …we instinctively know it is harmful. There are about 50 metals in each such tooth-lollipop (see page 328). How could we blunder so badly as adults? Your body is barely able to keep up with the heavy metals left behind by its own enzymes, let alone added ones from tooth fillings. Those from enzymes of all sorts are copper, cobalt, chromium, vanadium, gold, germanium, molybdenum, ruthenium, rubidium, selenium, manganese, zinc, iron and nickel. They are not necessarily from our own enzymes. They are left in us by fungus and bacteria. This will give us some astonishing insights. These metals steal our youth, our health, and our destiny (longevity) as they slowly accumulate with age. If they accumulate suddenly, we are in a crisis-a disease like cancer. If they accumulate slowly, we believe we are aging and accept it meekly. They are our “natural” heavy metals, coming from living matter (living in us!). Obviously, we should not eat more of them to hasten our end.
Copper from water pipes often brings lead, too, from the solder joints. If lead and copper are detected by a Syncrometer tester or even a water lab, change your pipes to PVC or have them epoxy coated on the inside (see Sources).
Fig. 75 Aluminum-free baking powder (POAC pg 216)
Natural Heavy Metals
How could a heavy metal be natural? Is it not always toxic? It comes from our worn out enzymes. Each enzyme has a mineral inside itself. When the enzyme has lived its lifespan, it gets digested. First it is tagged with a substance called ubiquitin so your own digestive enzymes make no mistakes. But the mineral itself is not digestible; it is left behind in a little deposit, like we leave bones and peelings on our dinner plate. It can’t be used again, at least not by us. It must now be called a metal, quite toxic, although it is formed naturally, just by living, right in our own bodies. We dispose of them through the intestine and with the urine, but fungus and bacteria could find them first!
Some minerals, like iron, are partly salvaged by our reducing chemistry and seemingly, by iridium.
Nickel, vanadium, gold and ruthenium have a different history. They do not belong to our bodies. They belong to primitive life forms, like yeast, bacteria, fungus and parasites that use them in their enzymes, but live in us. Nickel is built into their urease enzyme.
Primitive life is necessary to keep our lives possible. We must not undervalue them. They eat filth, such as ammonia (the vapor of urine). Ammonia is toxic to more recent life forms like us. Yet we make it, too, as a byproduct of our own life processes. We and other mammals have a set of enzymes with the special job of changing all ammonia quickly to urea, which is not toxic. Two ammonia molecules are turned into one urea molecule when the urea synthesis cycle is at work. The liver and kidneys make most of it. Our eliminations and excretions then get rid of the urea. And there is always a bit left in the blood, called BUN on the blood test. For bacteria and fungus to “clean up”, namely feed on, animal excretions in Nature, in the fields and streams, their urease enzyme must go to work to break these urea molecules apart again, back to ammonia. This gives it all a stench and we sense its presence so we can stay away from it. But the ammonia provides valuable nitrogen for them, making their life possible. The element nickel is present in each urease molecule. It is their key to survival.
Fig. 76 Making urea (see POAC pg.218)

Our intestines are always full of bacteria, dead and alive, good and bad, feeding on the leftovers of our digestion. As they die, nickel is left behind, to be picked up by their successors. Gold, in the case of Salmonellas, is recycled the same way. Competitors can snatch away metals left by others. Prions and the HIV virus snatch their daily requirement of gold away from Salmonella this way.
So just by the very act of harboring other creatures in us, we become a repository of all their natural metals. The harm that is done by nickel alone, besides inviting infection, is major. It consumes our iridium and it turns us southerly! Iridium levels fall very low wherever nickel deposits are seen. A tumor, due to its stockpile of nickel, cannot salvage its iron deposits and make it usable again. There is an iridium shortage. Yet, the iron ferrite, Fe203, deposits must be cleared away somehow to get the tumor zone back to a northerly polarization.

Nickel turns us southerly.

Healing cannot go forward because of low usable iridium levels. A very low level of 29 is reached (in homeopathic units of 1 in 5 dilution) for iridium near a tumor. Levels in the 80’s are normal, and a level of 120 is seen in young children.
Each of us, whether sick or healthy, is full of heavy metals by the time we are old. But it is not a random assortment of heavy metals. It is always these:


  • chromium
  • copper
  • cobalt
  • germanium
  • nickel
  • selenium
  • vanadium


Is it not astonishing that these are the same metals described in earlier books to be the common denominators of tumors?
The body’s metals in cancer, in disease, and in aging are the same ones, having become oxidized, left behind by dead enzymes of our own and from our invaders. The tumor cells are unable to reverse the process to make organic minerals again and reclaim them. Nor can healthy bodies do this as we age. We just can’t keep up with this part of our housekeeping (body maintenance) chores.
Copper turns us brown in spots, cobalt gives us heart disease, vanadium and germanium give us mutations, chromium gives us blood sugar problems, gold gives us ovary disease and obesity, nickel brings us immune depression with more and more infection, gray hair, baldness, and allergies. Yet, none of this seems necessary! It should be avoidable!
Metals are required by our parasites, bacteria, and even viruses and prions. They fuel our diseases.
Illness, including cancer, is metal disease. We should fall out of love with metals.
It makes sense, now, that a few people got cancer as long ago as prehistoric times. It does not require civilization with its novel toxins. It is the same toxins as we always had, but which we failed to respect and now inundate us. We failed to respect them when making our cookware, food containers, jewelry and dentalware. Nor did we develop good body-housekeeping habits. We should be routinely removing these throughout life.
It seems even more astonishing that this set of natural metals includes the same elements that sift down on us day and night from outer space. With one difference! From space they already are in a novel reduced “organic” form. Missing are nickel, gold, aluminum, lead, mercury, thallium, thulium, rhodium …the nonhuman ones. Space minerals seem ready for us. And already packaged in assortments easily attached to our stem cell factor! Are we somehow missing a cosmic connection to our very lives? Which one of the space items brings them? Or is it all simply bacterial matter from earth …dust mixed with organic matter, like carbon monoxide? Bacteria would have brought nickel. Dust would have brought aluminum. Only more research can answer this.
Back in Time
A few thousand years ago there was an occasional case of cancer. How could that happen if laundry bleach is an essential part of the causation now? We should look at the ingredients of this bleach to see which of these could have been in the environment of a few people long ago.
PCBs seem most unlikely. Asbestos seems very unlikely, too. But benzene can come from natural sources – the parasite Paragonimus is followed by a fungus that uses vanadium and makes zearalenone (Chaetomium). Zearalenone is changed to benzene on its detoxification route, according to the Syncrometer, and described in earlier books. That could provide one of the 5 immunity destroyers.
Could dyes have been an immunodepressant thousands of years ago? The dye industry was thriving in the Middle East in biblical times.
In the past, heavy metals, especially ferrite iron (Fe203) could have entered the water in some places bringing south polarization to it. Uranium could have been in the water naturally in some places. With two or three of the 5 immunity destroyers available to ancient society, occasional cancers could be expected.
Immunodepression results from any one of the 5 kinds of toxins. These specifically block some part of our white blood cells’ protective behavior. Protection from parasitism is a major part.
We must hurry, and we must stay focused on the 5 immunity destroyers as top priority in our health goal for society. It means our chief goal is clean water, tested for these five by Syncrometry, as soon as this technology is automated. It should be tested as it leaves the pump house every day. Present day dentalware puts a large stockpile of unnatural heavy metals, like cerium, titanium, uranium, mercury, into your mouth besides the natural ones. They are sucked on constantly as fillings, retainers, bridges and crowns. While you are young and strong the dissolved metal will be taken to the kidneys and liver to be removed. But later it gets left in little deposits along the way. It gets left in your brain, your eyes, your nerves, your lungs, bones, colon, kidneys, prostate and any organ you are able to test! I have estimated about 1000 deposits of mercury alone that can be readily demonstrated by Syncrometer®.

Check your Metal Damage

Copper takes part in angiogenesis, the making of extra blood vessels. Copper is needed and is constantly recycled by Penicillium fungus that grows in us if we supply it. Together with Aspergillus, which needs cobalt, chromium and nickel, they are quick to take over a dead Fasciolopsis buski or Fasciola fluke. This is why we use so many digestive enzymes in our 3-Week Program-to digest the dead flukes before they can grow this fungus. Both kinds of fungus make aflatoxins. In the liver aflatoxins block detoxification of hemoglobin so the bilirubin goes up (check your blood test). The Syncrometer sees that the bilirubin oxidase enzyme is missing. This is how we get jaundice, a frequent cause of death for cancer patients. The cancer is not involved in your jaundice. Hurry to chelate out the copper, cobalt, chromium and nickel, or take each one out homeographically. Of course, getting chelation hardly makes sense when you have copper water pipes and metal teeth. Change pipes to PVC and have metal in teeth removed. Changing to plastic water pipes will get rid of lead, too, another big help for the liver.
Cobalt is especially attracted to tumors which motivated the development of Cobalt 60 radiation decades ago. Cobalt inhibits our basic metabolism, the glycolysis part, just what was found by scientists to start tumors 70 years ago! A low LDH or a low alkaline phosphatase in your blood test reflects on your slow metabolism, due to cobalt toxicity. It may be in the liver, RBCs, platelets, WBCs (CD4s, CD14s). Check yours. Cobalt affects red blood cells so they can’t carry much oxygen. This could be why it is the main heart toxin, too.
Vanadium causes p53 gene mutations and lost regulation over albumin and globulin production. Check your blood test. Vanadium raises the RBC, the B-cells (so they make too much globulin), and the CD8s. It is required by E. coli, our worst enemy in cancer illness. It is also needed by Flu viruses. Germanium, the metal, removes a block on mutations that organic germanium had put in place to protect us. Now the effects of vanadium are greater. The metal form accumulates in the spleen.
Chromium, along with nickel, has been rated as a top metallic carcinogen (cancer-causer) for decades. Its deposits accumulate in the intestine wall to feed the yeasts there. It feeds staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, besides yeast. Possibly for this reason staph, streps and yeast are often seen together in tumors, especially in breast cancer. In “well” people it causes overweight and high blood sugar. Check yours.
Nickel supplies bacteria and fungus with their needed element to make the urease enzyme. It accumulates in the prostate and in the scalp at the hair roots! The prostate and scalp get infected and inflamed. The scalp goes bald and the prostate enlarges from chronic inflammation. The prostate invites parasites from the nearby colon and cancer has its opportunity.
Not much is known about the specific actions of unnatural metals.
Mercury, like dyes, gets stuck in the WBCs. Then they are immediately prevented from killing anything even though they manage to eat them. CD4s, your virus eaters are especially vulnerable to mercury and thallium. CD8s often eat these disabled CD4s. Then they get stuck with the mercury, themselves. Soon invaders gain the upper hand in your body due to widespread immunodepression from mercury.
Tungsten, platinum, palladium and the remainder are not yet studied. Cadmium is easily found in the kidneys of every high blood pressure victim. Aluminum is found in abdominal and Hodgkin’s tumors,        by Syncrometer , and in lymph in EBV illness, besides in Alzheimer’s disease.
The lanthanide elements are especially toxic. They have only been in commerce since World War II and are already deposited in us. They are paramagnetic and have the effect of changing DNA timing in our bodies. Much is already known about the lanthanides (see the book pictured). DNA timing is discussed in the Syncrometer® Science Laboratory Manual.

Fig. 77 Lanthanides disrupt fundamental biological processes (POAC pg. 224)
Gold accumulates in ovarian cysts, the hypothalamus (in obesity) and pancreas. Gold feeds our Salmonella bacteria (S. typhimurium and S. enteriditis). It even supplies our prions! How do they use it? Prions are on the upswing and will lead to BSE and CJD (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), if not controlled by us. We should stay far away from gold, in or on our bodies.
Strontium, a most unsuspected metal appears to be used by a number of our hardiest invaders: Streptococcus pneumoniae, our pain causer, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Mycobacterium avium/cellulare, even SV 40 and HIV (in reverse transcriptase enzyme). Strontium has become ubiquitous in our environment. Why? It is in all bodies of water. Why? It is in air. Why? It is even in 2 natural foods, corn and honey. These foods also bring beryllium, another air pollutant, perhaps from airplane fuel. Sick people should not eat these.
Ruthenium, another unsuspected metal, feeds our Salmonella bacteria, the scourge of both AIDS and cancer patients. It comes attached to activated charcoal and is in distilled water. That is why carbon filters, even though disinfected with NSF bleach, must be boiled 5 minutes and cleaned regularly.
We have gained an arsenal of knowledge that can be put to use to defeat illnesses that are due to metal toxicities. We can go back to stopping sickness again. And we will stop it by depriving the bacteria and viruses of their essential food (metals). Their essential foods are our toxicities! How fortunate for us.
Banish Sickness Again
We had learned that feeling sick is not due to the cancer. It is due to a half dozen well known bacteria and their viruses. But they could not be identified or killed the usual way. They were given special rights by their own viruses, to evade our immune system and invade our organ cells. Their genes turn off our apoptosis and make our cells multiply faster. But we had found their vulnerability …they still need their metals to make their enzymes! It will be a simple matter to cut off their metal supplies and get relief from sweats, fever, coughs, bloating, organ failures, deep pain, and plain sickness in less than a week. Here are their daily requirements.
Fig. 78 Our pathogens’ daily requirements (POAC pg. 225)

Pathogen’s Daily Requirements
items in italics need confirmation
Adenovirus – (not currently known)
Aspergillus (fungus) – cobalt, chromium, nickel
Chaetomium (fungus) – strontium
Clostridium – nickel, cobalt
Cytomegaloalovirus (CMV) – strontium
E. coli – vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, nickel
Epstein Barre Virus (EBV) – aluminun
Flu (Influenza A & B) – vanadium
Herpes I & II – lead
HIV – gold (attached to core), strontium (attached to reverse transcriptase)
Mumps – manganese, copper, zinc
Mycobacterium avium/cellulare – strontium, vanadium
Mycobacterium tuberculosis – strontium
Mycoplasma – strontium
Norcardia (Parkinson’s) – titanium, tantalum
Penicillium (fungus) – copper
Pneumocystis (coccidia) – strontium
Prions – gold, ruthenium
Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Strontium, gold
Salmonella enteriditis – Gold, ruthenium, molybdenum
Salmonella typhimurium – Gold, ruthenium, molybdenum
Salmonella paratyphi – Gold, ruthenium, molybdenum, rubidium
Staphylococcus aureus – chromium
Streptococcus G – Chromium, vanadium, nickel
Streptococcus pneumoniae – Chromium, strontium
SV 40 – Chromium, strontium, gold
Yeast (bread and alcohol) – Chromium, nickel, cobalt

We had learned that cancer, feeling sick, and toxicity-disease are 3 separate illnesses. If you have been sent to Hospice and can hardly endure living, a loved one can still rescue you. You may have all the symptoms mentioned in Sickness Be Gone (page 157). But you can banish them all in this simple way:
Eat no metals, drink no metals, wear no metals.

This means, move to an NSF-bleach water zone. Find a local distilled water in a 1 gallon bottle that tests zero with a conductivity indicator. Filter this distilled water twice through a filter pitcher that you harden yourself and has charcoal that you boiled for 5 minutes in tap water. Make sure it delivers water with none of the metals given in the pathogens’ requirements table (page 225). If possible, test by Syncrometer . Beware of simple human errors like wearing earrings, a necklace or watch. Drink this chlorine-free water and cook with it. Improvements begin in 2 days.
As soon as you get relief from illness, although some pain persists, get all metal removed from your mouth by extraction. Harden the plastic in your mouth to stop metal seepage, using a toothbrush zappicator. Eat or store food in non seeping plastic.
Then start DMSO
in tiny doses (1/8 to 1/4 tsp.) to excrete wheel bearing grease and all its trapped metals. The lower dose is for the most extreme illness. It should have been tested for thallium. If not available, start the kidney cleanse (page 561).
Keep removing metals with homeographic drops for the kidneys and lymph.
Early success could bring you new hope and soon a goodbye forever to Hospice. They did their best. They are to be commended on carrying on without hope. But your life beckons as you prepare to start the program.

(From Prevention of All Cancers pg.202-226 copyright
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